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Water Supply Permit Documents

Notice of Availability of Draft Water Supply Permit for Review

A draft Water Supply permit is available for review

Draft Water Supply Permit Exhibits

Title of Action: New your City Dept of Environmental Conservation: Water Supply Permit Application Decision

New York City Department of Environmental Protection: Continued funding and implementation of the New York City Watershed Land Acquisition Program

For the Draft Environmental Impact Statement


Complete Water Supply Permit


New York City Environmental Protection's Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) The Extended New York City Watershed Land Acquisition Program has been released for review.  Public hearings will be scheduled to receive comments on the DEIS, anticipated to be scheduled for July 2010.  The public hearing will provide an opportunity for the public to provide oral and written comments on the DEIS.  The public comment period will remain open for an additional 10 days after the close of the public hearings.  Notificiation of the public hearings will appear in regional and local newspapers at least 14 days before the hearing.(posted 6-7-2010)

Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)


DEP Study Shows No Risk from Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in NYC Drinking Water. (posted 6-1-2010)

Findings Confirm NYC Water is Safe and Healthy to Drink

On April 30th 2010, the City of New York released their Final Scope of Work for the Extended NY City Watershed Land Acquisition Program EIS.

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Draft Scope of Work For The Environmental Inpact Statement (EIS) for the Extended New York City Labd Acquisition Program

The Draft EIS prepared by NYC Department of Environmental Protection is linked below:

Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for The Extended New York City Watershed Land Acquisition Program