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Here is a listing of regional agencies and organizations, as well as the issues they address, and links to their Web sites.

NYC Lands Open to Recreation by County.

Delaware County Soil and Water Conservation District:
Walton Office: (607) 865-7161

  • Stream corridor protection & riparian buffers
  • Septic systems soil investigation/site analysis
  • Agriculture best management practices design and implementation
  • Agriculture GIS technical support
  • Wetland delineation
  • FEMA
  • Whole Farm Plans for the County and New York City Watershed Ag Program Farms

Catskill Streams Buffer Initiative
Was created through a collaborative effort of local nonprofits and environmental organizations to fill a gap for streamside property owners. They provide residential llandowners along stream banks in the Catskill/Delaware watershed a reliable resource for individualized assistance and financial support to help you protect property from damage and ensure a healthy, stable riparian (steamside) area.

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Delaware County
Hamden Office: (607) 865-6531

  • Agricultural nutrient and manure management
  • Reductions in phosphorus from precision feeding and forage systems management
  • Whole Farm Plans for the County and New York City Watershed Ag Program farms

Delaware County Department of Public Works
Delhi Office: (607) 746-2128

  • Rural highways and storm water management for sediment and nutrient reductions
  • Roads and bridges maintenance
  • Solid waste-environmental compliance
  • Engineering and technical support

Delaware County Planning Department
Delhi Office: (607) 746-2944

  • Comprehensive community planning
  • Comprehensive community storm water management issues
  • Storm water pollution prevention plan review
  • GIS information
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Sewer district development
  • Waste water treatment plant projects
  • Flood mitigation
  • Phosphorus credits
  • Land acquisition

Delaware County Department of Economic Development:
Delhi Office: (607) 746-8595

  • Economic Development in Delaware County
  • Identifies and coordinates economic development projects within umbrella of water quality issues
  • Works with county agencies to coordinate funding of water quality related projects

Catskill Watershed Corporation – New York City Watershed
Margaretville Office: (845) 586-1400

  • Funding and technical support for retrofit and future storm water projects
  • Funding for septic systems and technical support
  • Administration of program and funding of community sewer district
  • Funding for economic development projects under the Catskill Fund for the Future

Watershed Agricultural Council
Hamden Office: (607) 865-7790

  • Funding for agriculture water quality projects
  • Funding for forestry projects

DEP: Dept of Environmental Protection
Downsville Office: (607) 363-7000

DEC: Dept of Environmental Conservation
Stamford Office: (607) 652-7365

Water Testing Labs:
Catskill Regional Water Testing Laboratory
Delhi, NY (607) 746-8626
City of Oneonta Water Testing: (607) 433-3470
Eastern Lab Services Water Test: Binghamton NY : (607) 334-2877